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XAG P100 Pro Drone
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XAG P100 Pro Drone

LARGER Capacity, BETTER Efficiency.

Possibly the best ever made !

New Foldable Design

Reducing 62 % Storage Volume

Largest Capacity Of Its Kind

Maximum Load Up To 50kg 

Revocast and Revospray

Arguably The Best Spraying and Spreading System Design

XAG P100 Pro Drone

80L Spreading Tank50L Spraying Tank, 50kg Maximum Load,

Seamless Tank Changing Operation.

XAG P100 Pro Drone


55" Variable Pitch Rear Propellers
coupled with powerful motors enable the
P100 Pro to sustain never-seen-before
50kg maximum load.

XAG P100 Pro Drone


Folded storage volume with a whopping
62% reduction, fitting the P100 Pro perfectly into any commercial vans and pickups for easier transportation.

XAG P100 Pro Drone

XAG Revospray 3

Innovative Variable Rate Precision Spraying

Spray Up To 22L/min. Perfected with non-drip rotary nozzles and twin peristaltic pumps, the Revospray 3 system is applicable to various chemical forms ranging from oil-based to solubles.

Using a combination of a peristaltic pump and a centrifugal atomizer, the peristaltic pump rapidly conveys fertilizers from the spraying tank, and then it is directed to the high-speed rotating centrifugal atomizer, where the fertilizers are dispersed into fine and uniform droplets. The spraying flow rate and atomization particle size can be independently adjusted, allowing for precise and variable fertilizer application.

The latest generation of intelligent sprayer by XAG incorporates an upgraded non-contact liquid level sensor installed inside the tank, which enables real-time and precise monitoring of the remaining amount of liquid inside the tank without being affected by pesticide corrosion. This enhancement further ensures the reliability of agricultural operations.

Particle Size
60μm - 400μm
Spraying Width
5m - 10m
New Peristaltic Pump
Last 3x Longer

Not Just Your Ordinary Precision.

Optimizing Accuracy Under High Efficiency Operation


XAG Revocast design uses vertically aligned centrifugal discs to eject fertilizers with an extra downward acceleration force, which maintains accuracy during windy conditions.

The spreading coverage area can be precisely controlled as the flight altitude changes, allowing for easy and accurate carpet-like sowing without the need for re-sowing or having inconsistent results that results in imcompletion spreading with missed out areas.


XAG Revocast also implements auger feeding design which automatically control feeding quantity based on flight speed. This design makes Revocast a perfect spreader system, offering high accuracy and consistent spreading. XAG spreading tanks are equipped with sensors to monitor the remaining material in real-time. This system is resistant to corrosion and adhesion from fertilizer and other particles, ensuring more precise and reliable performance, eliminating all errors related to feeding rate or inconsistent feeding. 

Revocast 3 Technology

XAG P100 Pro Drone

Surveying parameters preset for you, ready for takeoff with just one click.

XAG P100 Pro Drone

Crop land surveying even in offline mode and the app will generate the map in no time.

XAG P100 Pro Drone

XCam 200s

Advanced Mapping Camera

Provides crystal clear images for mapping you farmland and orchards. XAG agricultural drones can  be used for mapping itself too.

Hill terrain ? No problem. The smart app will generate a 3D flight paths according to the slopes.

Image Optimization 

Map analysis algorithm optimized, 4x higher resolution,
enhanced clarity for field details and facilitating more effortless
land parcel planning.

XAG P100 Pro Drone
XAG P100 Pro Drone
XAG P100 Pro Drone


Remote Control

Compact, durable, and with an extended battery life, designed specifically for agricultural tasks.

XAG P100 Pro Drone

ARC3 Remote System supports a manual assistance mode, maintaining a consistently straight operating route, automatic and variable spraying in response to speed changes, and facilitates seamless route switching with a one-click turning function, ensuring ease of use even for beginners.

XAG P100 Pro Drone



The all-new upgraded 4D imaging radar boasts a 2-fold increase in detection performance, doubling the range, enhancing responsiveness, and expanding the field of view. Even at maximum flight speed, it ensures comprehensive obstacle avoidance, providing both efficiency and safety in every aspect of operation.




DETECTION RANGE : 1.5 - 8.0m



XAG P100 Pro Drone

Encounter uneven terrains in farmland? No worries. With the simulated ground radar, the system supports automatic terrain tracking from 0.5 to 100 meters, ensuring a constant relative height with the crop canopy at all times.

XAG P100 Pro Drone

Flown too far and out of sight?  Check out the surroundings easily with the dual PSL cameras! You can have real-time access to the farmland conditions toward which the drone is heading.

XAG P100 Pro Drone

Sudden loss of signals? Not an issue! With RTK technology, combined with the downward-facing visual positioning module, the P100 Pro can maintain
high-precision navigation for up to 10 minutes even in the absence of positioning signals.

XAG P100 Pro Drone

Encountering abnormalities during flight? Take control immediately! You can easily take over the agricultural drone that is autonomously flying using the remote controller, with the ability to initiate one-key hover, return-to-home, and avoid potential risks.


The XAG power system adopts the most efficient water-cooling charging technology, allowing a single battery to be fully charged in just around 9 minutes, matching the drone's operational endurance. 

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XAG P100 Pro

XAG P100 Pro Drone
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