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Agricultural Drones

XAG P100 Pro Agricultural Drone

XAG P100 Pro

Latest Agricultural Drone. Revolutionary design with variable pitch propellers for best stability. Possibly the best ever made.

XAG V50 Agricultural Drone


Agile. Compact. Efficient. The New XAG V50 offers greater versatility for orchards and one man operation. 


Compact and durable, with ultra-long lasting battery life. Advanced auxiliary mode navigates drone flights with precision. Omni-processing technology keeps drone flights fast and smooth.

XAG P100 Pro Agricultural Drone
XAG P100 Pro Agricultural Drone

4D Imaging Radar

Upgraded 4D imaging radar technology offers maximized detection capability and sensing range, enhanced responsivity with wide range vision.

Detection Range

Maximum Relative Speed for Obstacles Avoidance 

1.5 - 80 m

13.8 m/s

Water Cooled Charging

XAG batteries are equipped with waterproofing standards and these batteries are charged in a water tank charger. It maximizes heat dissipitation (25 times faster) than air cooled system, thus preserving battery service life as the batteries do not get overheated during charging process.

XAG P100 Pro Agricultural Drone
XAG P100 Pro Agricultural Drone

Revocast Auger Spreading Design

Instead of relying solely on gravity for spreading fertilizers and seeds, XAG drones are equipped with Revocast technology for spreading. It applies a set of augers that rotates at high speeds to eject seed and fertilizer granules with powerful forces. It enhances spreading distribution and also ensures seeding and fertilizing efficiency with higher accuracy, particularly in windy conditions and during working with wet soil.

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