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XAG Smart Farming

XSAS Smart Farming System

Trace the past, record the present, manage the future.

XSAS™ Smart Agriculture System provides scientific production management solutions for farmers, farms, and agricultural enterprises, addressing challenges such as high labor costs and inefficient production management. Guided by key indicators during the crop growth cycle, XSAS™ offers standardized agricultural calendar templates. Leveraging digital agricultural infrastructure, precision agricultural smart equipment, and technologies like agricultural IoT and artificial intelligence, the system can match critical crop growth indicators, precisely manage agricultural production planning and execution, improve management efficiency, and seek the optimal balance between yield and quality. This leads to maximizing farm productivity and profitability. Whether used independently or integrated with your IoT devices, agricultural drones, robots, and data services, XSAS™ adapts to new scenarios in smart agricultural production.

XAG Smart Farming

Standardized Data

Enhancing Precision in Farm Production Management

XAG Smart Farming

Scientific Planting

Specific Production Plans Development Based On Crops

XAG Smart Farming

Data Driven
Agricultural Practices

Precisely Executing Agricultural Production Plans

XAG Smart Farming
XAG Smart Farming

Information Retrieval

Stand-Alone Platform

Stay Informed On Farm Production Progress at Any Time

Easy-To-Use Platform With Low
Barrier For Applications.

XAG Smart Farming

Open-Source Platform

Compatible with Various Agricultural Equipment and Multidimensional Data Sources

Geographic Information System (GIS) Visual Mapping

The use of GIS-based visual maps with crop-specific seasonal selections, coupled with buttons for production planning, crop modeling, and resource assessment, provides a comprehensive and easily accessible overview of farm-wide information, while also enabling detailed insights into individual field blocks through a unique coding system.

XAG Smart Farming

From Planning to Harvest, One System Does It All

XAG Smart Farming

Production Planning
From the moment you start investing in production, we help you plan every step of the way. From plowing to trenching, from crop protection to harvest, we grasp every element of production from cultivation, planting, management, to harvest. We determine the plan, manage execution, and create a 'workflow' for farm production.

XAG Smart Farming

Crop Modelling
Scientific cultivation requires building planting models that revolve around the crop growth cycle and are guided by key indicators of crop growth. You can choose a scientific planting model template from the template library or customize your own planting model to create a dedicated template.

XAG Smart Farming

Production Materials and Tools
All the production materials required for production planning and planting are clearly listed. By matching production planning, detailed records of different production stages involving land, fertilizers, agricultural materials, and equipment usage are digitized and standardized. This efficient management approach allows for the management of larger farm areas and more agricultural data.

More Information, More Data,
For Better and Productive Farming.

XAG Smart Farming


crop calendar.jpg

Track agricultural activities in real-time, monitor progress, and view results for selected land plots. Easily check completion status, including area worked, plot count, and input quantities by clicking the green calendar module in the system for detailed daily records.

XAG Smart Farming
growing conditions.jpg

Applying multidimensional data sources, smart farming enables real-time monitoring of key indicators in crop growth. Through the visualization of real-time growth progress and environmental data, a four-dimensional representation of how key indicators evolve throughout the growth cycle can be accessed and analysed.


XAG Smart Farming
smart control.jpg

By utilizing data sources related to crop growth conditions or growth status, the smart farming system establishes judgment criteria, issue control commands, and provide guidance for the execution of agricultural tasks and further integrating all your smart farm equipment to commence precise execution of these tasks seamlessly.


Information Retrieval in One Click

Search for plot numbers, crop types, production factors, or key indicators, and track them horizontally with one click for information retrieval, precise and efficient monitoring.
(Example Search: 'wheat' and system will display all plot information where wheat is planted).

XSAS™ Smart Farming Case Study
"Jiangsu Dazhong Farm"


XSAS™ System Introduction Date: 2019
Crops: Wheat, Rice
Equipment: 30 XAG Agricultural Drones

Improving Crop Protection Quality

Despite unfavorable weather conditions with rain during the flowering period of wheat and rice, the farm achieved excellent disease control results. Field inspections by plant protection experts from Yangzhou University showed minimal disease spots in the fields.

Aerial Application and Surveillance 

Management of farmland using the XSAS™ system and P-series plant protection drones, along with the XMission multifunctional drone platform, has improved the quality and efficiency of large-scale field management, resulting in even higher crop yields. It is estimated that the yield per mu (approximately 0.067 hectares) of rice and wheat increased by nearly 150 kilograms compared to the previous year.

Effective Cost Reduction

In the face of rising pesticide prices, the farm reduced pesticide usage costs by over 1 million yuan (~ RM630,000) compared to the same period last year through precise management. Additionally, more efficient and rational scheduling of agricultural machinery reduced fuel consumption costs by nearly 1 million yuan (~RM630,000)

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