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XAG V50 Drone
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XAG V50 Drone


Agricultural Drone



Streamlined For Simplicity,
Designed For One-Person Operation.

Dual propellers design.
Maximized agility and cost-efficient.
High-efficiency seeding with 144kg/battery cycle.
Fully autonomous flight with one touch operation via the APP and centimeter accuracy with the RTK navigation system.
Precision spraying with
60-400μm droplets.
Adjustable flow rate of 
0.3-6 liters/minute.
Ensuring safety with 4D radar and intelligent obstacle avoidance.
Intelligent mapping with ability
to map an area of up to 200 acres
in just 13 minutes.

Modular platform design features dual safety latches, allowing for swift and easy assembly and disassembly.

Built with IPX6K dustproof and waterproof standards, V50 can be literally rinsed with water for cleaning.

Concentrated wind convergence, strong penetration during application while maintaining flight flexibility.


Eight years of intelligent centrifugal atomization technology, coupled with new-generation peristaltic pumps and smart throttling valves, result in significant precision spraying.

New Generation Peristaltic Pump
Flow rate up to 12 liters per minute

No Drip Nozzles
No dripping during operation turning and transportation with spray nozzle shut-off valve.

Smart Centrifugal Nozzles
60 - 400 µm atomization range

Quick Release Attachments
Convenient for disassembly, transportation, and maintenance.

Efficient Crop Protection
10 meters maximum spraying width

Smart Sprayer Tank
Equipped with sensors to determine
real-time status for the remaining
pesticides in the spraying tank.

XAG V50 Drone

AI Powered Navigation

Never misses a spot. Never.


With a completely redesigned seeding and feeding mechanism, the drone's seeding method has been fully reconstructed, significantly improving seeding efficiency and precision.

Vertical Centrifugal Seeding Discs
Strong wind resistance, more
precise seeding

High Speed Aerial Seeding
 Fast flight speed of up to 12 meters per second, One full battery charge load can spread as much as 144 kilograms of urea fertilizers.

Smart Auger Feeding System
The augers will run at variable rotations depending on speed of flight and will rotate at higher speeds to eject seeds if seeds are stuck at the augers.

Smart Spreading Tank
The 25 liters smart hopper is equipped with real-time detection of remaining materials, avoiding augers from rotating without any feed and eliminating unwanted missed seeding.

Adjustable Spread Width
Seeding width can be adjusted by changing the flight height.

Removable Auger Parts
The augers can be removed easily
for washing and replacements.

XAG V50 Drone

Generate Flight Mapping With V50 Itself. 

One Drone For All Processes.

Stitch High Definition Maps
Up To 200 Acres per flight.

Dual Channel Data Transmission
Offline map stitching + online wifi map transfer.

One-click Data Sharing
Seamless operation for team collaboration.

XAG V50 Drone
XAG V50 Drone

AI Engine, Intelligent Core

SuperX 4 Pro Intelligent Control System gathers more powerful and reliable artificial intelligence algorithms and high-performance powertrains. By integrating with various task systems, it achieves fully autonomous farmland mapping, precise spraying, and efficient sowing. It is the smart companion for digital agricultural production.

1GHz  Processor Speed
High-speed computation, rapid response.

Dual Engine RTK + Cloud Base Station Access Centimeter-level positioning and navigation

Dual-link Communication Stable operation in local area networks and weak network environments

Advanced Control Algorithms
Comprehensive optimization of flight and operational efficiency

Triple IMU + Fault Detection
Multiple stages of safety measurements to ensure top flight security without jeopardizing the operation. 

Automatic Route

Optimal route planning based on fields, battery, and chemical dosage.

XAG V50 Drone


The all-new upgraded 4D imaging radar boasts a 2-fold increase in detection performance, doubling the range, enhancing responsiveness, and expanding the field of view. Even at maximum flight speed, it ensures comprehensive obstacle avoidance, providing both efficiency and safety in every aspect of operation.

Water Cooled Charging

Water dissipates heat at least 20 times faster than air ! Hence, XAG has designed batteries to be charged in water to avoid the batteries from heating up during charging, keeping battery components cool to avoid any unwanted overheat that could seriously damage the battery and shorten its lifespan.

XAG V50 Drone

Increased plot data sharing, making team collaboration more convenient.

XAG V50 Drone

Supporting breakpoint continuation, multiple plots for continuous operation.

XAG V50 Drone

Dual-channel communication,
providing more stable operations.

XAG V50 Drone
XAG V50 Drone

XAG One App is compatible for
IOS and Android OS.

XAG V50 Drone

App platform supports multiple
languages for its user interface. 

XAG V50 Drone

XAG ARC3 Pro Controller

Compact, durable, and with an extended battery life, designed specifically for agricultural tasks.

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