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XAG IFC13S Smart Camera

Monitoring every inch of your farm.

XAG Smart Camera

HD Quality Imaging

13MP Camera

Video Streaming

Monitors real-time footages

Water & Dust Proof

IP65 Protection Grade

GPS Monitoring via Multiple Devices

Cloud Management

Synchronous Sharing via 4G

Real Time Sharing

XAG Smart Camera

Security and Traceability

Through smart farming system, farmers can generate a QR code for each product for consumers to trace brand information, product certification details, real-time photos, and provide complete transparency throughout the process, creating a trustworthy and reliable brand.

Growth Monitoring

XAG Smart Camera
XAG Smart Camera
XAG Smart Camera
XAG Smart Camera
XAG Smart Camera

Freeze moments of crop growth Set specific capture times to grasp dynamic moments of crops. Can also automatically generate time-lapse videos.

Live Streaming

Observe your farmland up close with the live streaming system at any time. Visually monitoring all agricultural activities such as fertilization, pest control, harvesting and more.

XAG Smart Farming
XAG Smart Camera

Built for Toughness

Designed with IP65 waterproof and dustproof rating, the IFC13S camera is durable
under normal weather conditions.

4G Cloud Sharing

Fully compatible with all networks, automatically upload real-time agricultural field scenes to the cloud through the 4G network, available for download at any time, and share in real time.

XAG Smart Camera

Solar Powered System

By using solar panels and eliminating the need for additional wiring, the smart farming system deployment is more flexible. The ultra-long battery life allows for the equipment to operate up to 15 consecutive days, even if the weather is cloudy or rainy.

Input: 5 - 16V

Battery Capacity : 7500mAh/7.4V

Output : 15V / 2A

Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ 60°C

IP67 Protection Rating

Weight: 1370g

Power: 15W

401 × 256 × 35.4mm

XAG Smart Camera
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