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SuperX Farm (5).jpg
SuperX Farm (5).jpg
Agricultural Farms

SuperX Farm

XAG products are available in more than 50 countries with 110,000 drones delivered, servings over 97 millions hectar of plantations. 

XAG’s sole mission - "advancing agriculture" has been the top priority of the company. SuperX Farm is built over vast plantation field cultivated by XAG’s smart farming system for R&D purposes. SuperX Farm team receives real-time input data from farms around the vicinity. 

Smart Farming

XAG is now working towards the sustainability of farming to ensure food security globally. Through its advanced smart farming ecosystem, XAG has been able to incorporate data and IOT into farming. XAG will continue to dedicate expertise and resources into smart farming to realise customers’ trust and expectations in our mission : 


XAG P100 Pro Agricultural Drone


Latest XAG P100 Pro

Pragmatic Revolution in Agricultural Drone Technology.

The Best Quality Of Its Kind.



Advancing Agriculture · Farming Transformation · Smart Farming Solutions

XAG is dedicated to bringing drones, robots, autopilot, artificial intelligence, and Internet-of-things into the world of agricultural production. It creates a smart agriculture ecosystem that leads us into the era of Agriculture 4.0 characterised as automation, precision, and efficiency. Agrispec Malaysia will commit entirely to work hand in hand with farmers across the country to provide unique solutions that are exclusive to local plantations, such as oil palm plantations that are widely available only in South East Asia region.  

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XAG P100 Pro Agricultural Drone
XAG P100 Pro Agricultural Drone
XAG P100 Pro Agricultural Drone
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